Fashion has been given a new definition in Bhutan by a Facebook page called “Bhutan Street Fashion” acronym as BSF. From sketches to modeling, all activities were performed, shared and the number of followers got manifold in no time. People from all walks of life started watching and commenting. It gave an inspiration to every common man out there to mould himself a little and get fashionable.

This page has been featured in one of the tabs of our fb page as follows:


Active participation by the fans made this page a huge success and eventually people started taking it to the next level.

Fans from various other countries have taken quite interesting photographs and mailing them to BSF which later get posted on the page.  An album showcasing the same is maintained as: “Fan Mails & Pics”

Such devotees portray the success and effect of this page as a whole. The response which each and every update from BSF get’s is top-drawer. Whether it is a news update or just a ‘Hello’, the fans are always there to like, comment and take part in the conversation.
BSF likes and comments

To get an idea of the various activities being performed, one can have a look at the Albums

Wishing BSF and it’s fans a happening, stylish, cutting-edge, fashionable future.

Find BSF:   Facebook   Twitter   GooglePlus   Youtube


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Beautiful Bhutan

Bhutan is being known as “The Land of the Thunder Dragon”.

Our facebook page, The fairytale kingdom (Bhutan) deals with everything that is related to Bhutan. The visitors here come across the tales of the land where unexplored mountains rise higher than the clouds.

The photo gallery consists of albums related to various locations and events. The most popular pictures are accumulated and uploaded to the respective albums.

The page has various sections which are segmented by using tabs:

Blogs: This section will contain various updates from the blogs related to Bhutan. Some may only feature stories while others may also include images and videos as well.

Writers Association of Bhutan: The writers of Bhutan post various stories, article, poems, excerpts at the WAB. This section will bring the favorite posts to the attention of visitors.

Bhutanese Friends: It is a platform used by the Bhutanese all over the globe to share their viewpoints and experiences. The best posts will be posted here after selection.


A twitter account named talesofbhutan is used for posting the updates from various feeds. These tweets will get posted on the page’s wall automatically.

Some prefixes have been decided for the posts to distinguish among the feeds.

TOB stands for Tales of Bhutan

WAB stands for Writers Association of Bhutan

BF stands for Bhutanese Friends

P.S.: Our aim is to gain the interest of users at facebook and provide them all the information and updates related to Bhutan.

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